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Gamma Gamma Tactical is dedicated to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge for responsible firearms use. Our mission is to provide comprehensive training in pistol, rifle, and shotgun marksmanship, alongside advanced defensive tactics for personal and home protection. Leveraging over 40 years of combined expertise in military, law enforcement, executive protection, and competitive shooting, we are committed to fostering a safe, proficient, and confident community of firearm users. Our focus is not just on skill development, but on nurturing a deep respect for firearm safety and responsibility in every student we train.

About us

With over 40 years of hands-on experience in firearms, Garry Grattic stands as a beacon of discipline, expertise, and commitment in the field of marksmanship. His journey through the esteemed realms of the military and law enforcement has shaped him into a seasoned expert and a mentor, eager to impart his extensive knowledge to others.

Military Experience:

Garry Grattic's journey began with a distinguished 24-year tenure in the United States Air Force, a period marked by rigorous discipline and a deep commitment to precision in marksmanship. Recognized as a USAF expert marksman for 20 years, Garry mastered the intricacies of both rifle and pistol. His exceptional skill earned him international recognition, exemplified by the prestigious Federal Republic of Germany Schutzenschnur Badge, a symbol of cross-border weapons proficiency.

Law Enforcement Career:

Following his illustrious military service, Garry transitioned into a 25-year career in federal law enforcement. This phase of his professional life was characterized by continued skill enhancement and a shift towards education. As a federal law enforcement firearms instructor, Garry demonstrated his unwavering dedication to firearms education. His expertise was further solidified through his certification as an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and his role in training with the Montreal, Quebec Police Department.

Competitive Shooting and Personal Commitment:

Garry's passion for firearms transcended professional boundaries, leading him into the competitive world of IPSC and IDPA pistol competitions. His participation in these events showcased not only his skill but also his competitive spirit.


At GGT, we offer courses in gun handling, marksmanship, and tactical training, led by personable instructors with extensive real-world experience. These experts are dedicated to significantly enhancing your abilities, ensuring you excel in safe gun handling, precision, speed, and defensive strategies. Our program is designed to unveil the key techniques that will transform your approach to firearms, elevating your skills to new heights.

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Gamma Gamma Tactical

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GGT Safety Tips
  • Always Keep The Muzzle Pointed In a Safe Direction

  • Firearms Should Be Unloaded When Not Actually In Use

  • Don't Rely On Your Gun's "Safety"Be Sure Of Your Target and What's Beyond It

  • Use Correct Ammunition

Featured Courses

LTC/CHL Course


2 hours

Familiarization Course


2 hours

Basic Pistol Training Course


1 hours

Defensive Pistol Training Course


2 hours

Advance Pistol Reaction Training


3 hours

Basic Rifle Training Course


2 hours

Advance Carbine Rifle Training Course


3 hours

Advance Carbine and Pistol Training Course


3 hours

Self-Defense Shotgun Training Course


2 hours

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Harkins Ranch Long Range Shooting

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As a beginner in the world of firearms, I was quite apprehensive at first. But training with Garry at Gamma Gamma Tactical changed all that. His patience, expertise, and ability to simplify complex techniques made learning an enjoyable experience. I now handle firearms with much more confidence and respect.

Gamma Gamma Tactical's course, led by Garry, was a game-changer for me. His attention to detail and commitment to safety were evident throughout the training. I've taken several firearms courses before, but this was by far the most comprehensive and practical. Thanks, Garry, for the invaluable skills!


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